This is HARDLY a comprehensive New Testament blog, though that is something I would like to do some day. But inasmuch as the LDS Gospel Doctrine course of study is New Testament this year, I wanted to at least have a venue where I could post some links, resources, excerpts from other things I have written, and, as the title suggest, "thoughts."

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter.

Yes, I am several weeks behind, thanks to speaking schedules and family obligations. And I am not even sure where my ward is . . . I think we just did Matt 13 and parables (lesson 11?). But inasmuch as tomorrow is Palm Sunday and the next week is Easter (and LDS General Conference), I am going to just refer readers to my LDS Seasonal Materials blog.

Please take the links below for posts in my LDS Seasonal Materials blog that treat each of the events and days of the Savior's final days:

The Passion Week and the Resurrection

  • Palm Sunday: The Triumphal Entry; the Cleansing of the Temple
  • Monday:  The Marcan Cleansing of the Temple; Teachings in the Temple
  • Tuesday: More Teachings in the Temple; the Olivet Discourse
  • "Spy" Wednesday: The Anointing in Mark and Matthew; Judas agrees to betray Jesus
  • Holy or "Maundy" Thursday: The Last Supper; Farewell Discourses; Gethsemane; Before the Jewish Authorities
  • Good Friday: Jesus in the Hands of the Romans; the Crucifixion; the Burial
  • Saturday: Jesus in the Spirit World
  • Easter Sunday: The Resurrection